10th International Photography Festival


Enav Cultural Center & City Garden
Tel Aviv ׀ November 23-December 3, 2022


50 outdoor exhibitions | Events | Guided Tours | Artist Talks
The festival is an outdoor event open to the public
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Festival Theme: ACTION


The 10th PHOTO IS:RAEL International Photography Festival, the largest photography event in scal, and one of Israel’s largest art events, is unique in providing a platform for social social outreach alongside its presentation of fascinating bodies of work by photographers from


Israel and abroad. This year, the festival comprises some 50 exhibitions of local and international leading photographers, special tours, and a diverse range of multidisciplinary events including performance art and video art, musical performances, and more.


The festival’s theme this year is Action. The exhibitions offer a multitude of interpretations of the concept, related to different realms, from cinema, youth movements, military, and the arts. The angles suggested by the works on view question how a human act can evoke discourse and how a single act by an individual can impact society. The International Photography Festival serves as a meeting point for hundreds of photographers, practicing in Israel and the world, whose works are displayed alongside participants from diverse communities across Israel and who, through the language of photography, wish to make their voices heard to tens of thousands visitors each year.


The festival is the annual pinnacle event of PHOTO IS:RAEL, a non-profit, public benefit company established to fulfill its vision of social outreach and dialogue between art and Israeli’s diverse communities. From the outset, the company has provided platforms for exhibitions, research and has shone a light on artistic and social subjects through the language of photography.


The events will occupy the Enav Cultural Center, in the Center’s hall and transparent lobby, as well as the Gan Ha’ir complex and roof.
During 2023, the exhibitions will travel to Israel’s social and geographical peripheries, and be displayed in additional locations across Israel.


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2022 Festival

2022 Meitar Award for Excellence in Photography | The Finalists Exhibition

2022 Festival


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