11th International Photography Festival


Enav Cultural Center & City Garden
Tel Aviv ׀ November 8-18, 2023


50 outdoor exhibitions | Events | Guided Tours | Artist Talks
The festival is an outdoor event open to the public


Festival Theme: UNTHEMED


The 11th PHOTO IS:RAEL International Photography Festival, which will be held in November 2023, offers a unique platform for sharing and revealing, shouting and whispering whatever is on your mind. In the face of the voices that demand to exclude populations, opinions, and ideas, we wish to facilitate dialogue, strengthen free speech, and give a voice to everyone regardless of race, gender, or faith.
Unlike PHOTO IS:RAEL’s previous festivals, the upcoming festival is not devoted to one specific theme, but rather strives to allow a discussion about everything that feels urgent, important, exciting right now, and above all – that you believe should be presented to the public. We wish to offer a platform to the projects, images, and secrets that have been waiting for a chance to come to light, to be heard and seen. An opportunity to create reality as you envision it. This is the time to really think about what fascinates you, and unleash your best lens-based projects.


Open, free, uncensored, undefined, unrestricted, unthemed


The festival is the annual pinnacle event of PHOTO IS:RAEL, a non-profit, public benefit company established to fulfill its vision of social outreach and dialogue between art and Israeli’s diverse communities. From the outset, the company has provided platforms for exhibitions, research and has shone a light on artistic and social subjects through the language of photography.


The events will occupy the Enav Cultural Center, in the Center’s hall and transparent lobby, as well as the Gan Ha’ir complex and roof.
During 2024, the exhibitions will travel to Israel’s social and geographical peripheries, and be displayed in additional locations across Israel.



2023 Festival

A Moment to Dream: The Art of Fashion Photography | Bright Gallery

2023 Festival

Mother Tongue | Tali Ratzker

2023 Festival


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