Weronika Gesicka


PHOTO IS:RAEL is an organization dedicated to the promotion of the art of photography in Israel and abroad. For us photography is a language. It is the language in which we speak, communicate, and argue, the language with which we volunteer and initiate dozens of community outreach programs throughout the year.

Our year-round activity includes: workshops for professional and amateur photographers as well as for the general public; events promoting artistic and social discourse through the language of photography; volunteer work through various non-profit organizations; educational projects for younger and older students; trips to international photography events; photography competitions; and – the pinnacle of our year – the International Photography Festival. Launched in 2009, this annual festival draws tens of thousands of visitors each year. The various events and activities initiated by PHOTO IS:RAEL uphold the values that stand before us at all times – innovation in photography, extensive community outreach and the forging of international bridges through the language of photography.

PHOTO IS:RAEL has been operating since 2012 as a non-profit public benefit company (PBC).


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