“I Came Back to See You” | Juanita Escobar

Curator: Drorit Chechik

Juanita Escobar has experienced, for a decade, the remote life of the indigenous Llaneros (Plainspeople/Cowboys) at the Llano – the plains occupying western Venezuela and eastern Colombia. In the backdrop of this theatrical landscape, Escobar was captivated by the powerful pledge of the LIaneros – both men and women – to their territory, as well as by their state of mind and commitment to their culture, which is in danger of extinction. Territory, horses, and heritage are the foundations of their entire being and collective identity for the past five centuries.
This exhibition focuses on the plainswomen, shedding light on their emotions and solitude, and their liability for maintaining the Llaneros way of life. As a woman-photographer with great empathy, Escobar has sensitively captured their body language and faces, communicating their persistence, loneliness, hopes, dreams, worries, frustration, longing, and sexuality. The men, away from home for lengthy periods and employing the same practices as their ancestors, are exhibited here as a background for the women’s experience in the private and communal realms.
”Volví por Verte” (“I came back to see you” in Spanish) was the name of the horse presented to Escobar when she joined the plainsmen. Looking back, she says: “It seems to be the thing I was looking for, to return to something that I urgently needed (in my life).” Most of all, this sentence reflects the mindset and romance of the plainspeople’s lifestyle.
Juanita Escobar is a Colombian documentary photographer, winner of numerous international awards and author of five books. Her works have been exhibited in museums and festivals around the world

The exhibition is held in collaboration with the Embassy of Colombia in Israel

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