Maria Rosenblatt | I Am

Who am I?
What am I?
How am I?

Yesterday I was a child, today I’m a woman, tomorrow I will be elderly.
Yesterday I played the violin, today I’m exhibiting a show, tomorrow I will sail my boat across the ocean.
Two days ago my beliefs were unwavering, today I keep an open mind, two days from now I’ll be going with the flow.
A couple of days ago I lived in Russia, today I enjoy the sunset on a beach in Tel Aviv, in three days I’ll be boarding a plane and traveling the world.
Two weeks ago I was a Christian, last week I converted to Judaism, today I adhere to no religion at all.
This morning I was a vegan, my lunch was vegetarian, in the evening I will order meat.

Can I be an elderly person or a child while still being a woman?
How do I define myself when I do so many different things? Should I stay loyal to just one occupation and forsake the rest?
What society and place do I belong to? Do I even have to belong anywhere?

The meeting point between these different embodiments of the changing flow of life takes place right here, right now.
And here I am, rediscovering myself every time and every moment anew.

Maria Rosenblatt

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