Relations | Open Call Winners 2018

We were thrilled to receive over 900 portfolios from 52 countries around the world. After much deliberation and thought, 29 artists were selected to present works that explore the 2018 festival’s theme: relationships. Along with a lot of photography, there are also video works, installations, performances, and sculpture.

In addition to the variety of mediums, there is also a diversity in the subject matters that interest the featured artists. From journalistic documentation, through art as social protest, to an exploration of the political and personal – and their intersection, humor, pain, and poeticism – all are delineated in a profound and moving way. The combination of all of these under one umbrella summons another interesting perspective on the subject of relationships, through the formal and thematic relations formed between the different bodies of work.

We would like to thank all the artists who sent their applications and shared their works with us. Special thanks to the members of the open call artistic committee – artists, curators, and experts in the different art fields – for their vital role in the process.

Yael Azoulay (USA), Krystyna Bilak (Ukraine), Roni Cnaani (Israel), Margarida Correia (Portugal), Neta Dror (Israel), Cesar Dezfuli (Spain), John Paul Evans (UK), Yariv Fein (Israel), Anna Galatonova and Anton Polyakov (Moldova), Anton Gautama (Indonesia), Camille Gharbi (France), Danny Hadas (Israel), Joel Jimenez Jara (Costa Rica), Jaakko Kahilaniemi (Finland), Liora Kaplan (Israel), Taro Karibe (Japan), Ed Kashi (USA), Corinna Kern (Germany), Boaz Lanir (Israel), Maya Magnat (Israel), Sergey Melnitchenko (Ukraine), Adva Raz (Israel), Jens Schwarz (Germany), Rebecca Sevinir (Israel), Maya Smira (Israel), Romain Thiery (France), Shani Yosef and Maya Zehavi (Israel), Cai Yuan-qi (China), Samira Wehbe (Israel)

curator: Maya Anner

Members of the Artistic Committee:

Maya Anner Chief Curator | PHOTO IS:RAEL
Ohad Benit Concept designer | PHOTO IS:RAEL
Guy Ben-Ner Video Artist
Nitzan Cohen Co-Artistic Director, Tmuna Theatre
Prof. Dana Arieli Dean, Design Faculty, HIT, Researcher and Photographer
Eyal Landesman Director | PHOTO IS:RAEL
Dana Golan Miller Curator and Collection Manager, Doron Sebbag Collection, ORS
Mate’ Mora Artistic Director, Curtain Up
Rula Khoury Curator and Art Critique

Photo on previous page: Krystyna Bilak, Cover photo: Anton Polyakov and Anna Galatonova

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