Wizo School of Design- Selected 2021 Graduates, Video and Film Works

The video and film works on display at the International Photography Festival, created by four new graduates, reflect several personal and revealing perspectives on the world.

Tair Zargari’s meditative video work tries to return to a source of power and connection to nature through repetitive, neverending actions. Sharon Halperin “seduces” the robotic vacuum cleaner that responds to her movements by walking on high heels.
Michelle Boginski’s tragic-humoristic film juggles genres and media in an attempt to connect her with her Palestinian Arab lover. Anat Wasserman artfully connects archival images from kibbutz life to a sound consisting of an attempt to construct a story for the enigmatic figures.
These works showcase new horizons and possibilities for the media of photography and video, reflecting our departmental ethos.

These works employ photography as a way to meet the world and explore it in a unique and exciting way, especially in light of the constant flood of images to which we are exposed every day of our lives.


Upper Photo: Michelle Boginski

Eran Hadad Barak

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