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Online course to train PHOTO VOICE instructors—English

Opens: June 1st, 2022

The course will be held on Wednesdays
From 6:00-8:00 pm (GMT+2) on Zoom.

Participants in the course will be certified as PHOTO VOICE instructors



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About the course
The course trains participants as group instructors using the PHOTO VOICE technique. This methodology is widely recognized as an effective way of giving a voice to and changing consciousness in weakened populations. The overarching assumption is that placing a camera in the hands of sidelined communities allows them to circumvent problems of self-expression deriving from societal limitations and gaps in language and literacy, thus allowing them to sound their voice and influence the decision-making process that affects their lives.

During the course, the participants develop a personal and communal voice through the language of photography as part of a process of empowerment and social change. The participants will be exposed to theoretical and practical concepts of social photography, work with texts, complete exercises and undergo group training.

Who is the course aimed at?
The course is designated for people interested in photography and personal development as part of a group, and in using photography as a form of expression.

Professional moderators and instructors who are interested in acquiring additional tools and in empowering weakened populations.

The instructors
Dr. Avy Dwight Hemy—Avy completed his Ph.D. at the Department of Education, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. During his first career as a documentary filmmaker, Avy aspired to use art as a means for the inclusion of marginalized communities’ voices. As a researcher Avy is engaged in critical education, diversity, equity, and inclusion issues, using photography-based methods as a tool for empowering marginalized communities. In recent years, Avy has been a member of the M.A Department of Special Education at Levinsky College of Education, Tel Aviv, and a lecturer at the Department of Education at Ben-Gurion University.
Hadas Rosenberg—photographer, lecturer and member of the PHOTO IS:RAEL team.

Meeting 1 – 1.6.22: Introduction to the group, the principals of PHOTO IS:VOICE, the theory of PHOTO IS:VOICE, examples from Israel and abroad, and the beginning of a personal project as part of the group.
Meeting 2 – 8.6.22: The language of photography. Expressing yourself through social photography, tips and emphasis for mobile phone photography.
Meeting 3 – 15.6.22: Picture and text. Exercise in potential intersections between picture and text, identifying and describing a problem and translating this into images. Dealing with writing as part of PHOTO IS:VOICE with special emphasis on the importance and empowerment comprised in connecting text and images. Discussion about the photographic paradox proposed by cultural researcher, Roland Barthes.
Meeting 4 – 22.6.22: Sounding a personal and group voice. Familiarization with the model for critical thought developed by educational theorist, Paulo Freire—what is sounding a voice for you? How can an individual find their voice through photography?
Meeting 5 – 29.6.22: Social photography. Issues relating to social photography, use of the language of photography through various means to achieve social goals.
Meeting 6 – 6.7.22: Group exercises and instruction. Training, expertise and tools. Understanding the group as an entity. Familiarization with the group’s social contract, group processes, positive forces and group challenges through photography.
Meeting 7 – 13.7.22: The role of the instructor. Determining the role of a PHOTO IS:VOICE instructor, training and the provision of tools for instruction, opportunities and coping mechanisms for individual and group challenges, simulations, working principles and construction of a work plan, and decision making through the language of photography. Moral and ethical issues associated with group instruction, work with photography and examples from the field.
Meeting 8: Festive final meeting. Celebration of the group process and presentation of collaborative works, a look to the future in the field, feedback and summary.

At the end of the course, several communities will be presented to the participants as options for working as an instructor. The instructors will be invited to monthly support meetings during their work in the communities.

Attendance and Certification
In order to be certified as a PHOTO IS:VOICE instructor, participants must attend 80% of the meetings; a practicum of 3 months. At the end of the course, participants will be given options of communities in which to work as an instructor.

A professional will be attached to instructors working in the communities.

Helpful material and a reading list will be provided
Presentations and relevant materials will be provided throughout the course.

Special price for workshops on Zoom
€350 instead of €550


For Registration and Payment Press Here


Cancellation policy
It is possible to cancel participation in the course 14 days before but the €50 registration fee will be deducted.

The cancellation fee for 14 days or less is 15% of the total cost.

The cancellation fee after the first meeting is 45% of the total cost.

No money will be refunded for cancellations after the second meeting.

PHOTO IS:RAEL reserves the right to change the content of the course and lecturers for professional reasons or developments.

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