Fantasy | Open Call Winners 2019

Fantasy – Between Reality and Imagination | Open Call Winners Exhibition

“All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination?” – Carl Jung

This is our second year publishing an open call for artists to submit works for exhibition at the International Photography Festival. We were pleased to receive an even bigger response than last year, with over 1000 submissions from artists in 60 countries.
The Open Call is the Festival’s central theme exhibition. While introducing us to dozens of new and excellent artists each year, the exhibition’s selection process also embodies one of the festival’s core values: To breach hierarchies and provide equal opportunities to every artist.

We’d like to thank all artists for applying and sharing their work with us.
We’d also like to sincerely thank the members of the Open Call artistic committee – artists, curators and creators – for their important contribution to the process:

Maya Anner, Chief Curator, PHOTO IS:RAEL
Yair Barak, Artist, Curator and Chair of the Studio Arts program, Seminar Hakibutzim College
Ohad Benit, Space and Concept Designer, PHOTO IS:RAEL
Yaron Haramati, Curator and Director, Zemack Contemporary Art
Ayelet Hashachar Cohen, Artist, Curator and Head of the Photography Department, Musrara School
Eyal Landesman, Founder and Director, PHOTO IS:RAEL
Noa Sadka, Artist, Photographer, Writer and Instructor at the Photography Department, Bezalel Academy
Sagit Zaluf Namir, Photographer, Artist, Curator and Instructor at the Photography Department, Minshar School of Art

It’s fascinating to see each artist’s different approach to the topic of fantasy, from research into questions of yearning, passion and the primal desire for a sense of belonging (Alejandra Carles-Tolra, Daphna Tal, Kai Loeffelbein), through the documentation of surreal and fantastical moments within reality (Aleksey Smirnov, Anat Ofri, Eliko Ner Gaon, Marinos Tsagkarakis, Mor Elnekave), poetic works with an inner fantastical narrative (Camilla Piana, Ioanna Sakellaraki, Oksana Yushko, Duy Phuong Le Nguyen), an exploration of the photographic medium and its fantastical potential (Ed Kashi, Liron Kroll, Paulo Simão) and fictionalized staged scenes (Evelyn Bencicova, Merav Maroody, Shir Handelsman), to documentary photography with fantastical elements (Oded Wagenstein, Yuli Gorodinsky).
This year the Open Call exhibition will also incorporate works created by members of the artistic committee, presenting their own interpretation of the theme of fantasy. This is yet another step in our mission to dismantle hierarchies and expand the discussion and research into the festival’s main theme.


Exhibiting Artists:
Evelyn Bencicova, Alejandra Carles-Tolra, Mor Elnekave, Yuli Gorodinsky, Shir Handelsman, Ed Kashi, Liron Kroll, Duy Phuong, Kai Loeffelbein, Merav Maroody, Eliko Ner Gaon, Anat Ofri, Camilla Piana, Ioanna Sakellaraki, Paulo Simão, Aleksey Smirnov, Daphna Tal, Marinos Tsagkarakis, Oded Wagenstein, Oksana Yushko.

Maya Anner

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