This exhibition is a collaboration between PHOTO IS:RAEL and the Swiss organization JETZT KUNST, and features the works of 13 Israeli and 11 Swiss photographers as they present their interpretation of “home”. The artists reflected on their childhood, their nearby surroundings and their personal and political understanding of this wide-reaching term and all it contains. The home appears in the exhibition in various forms, including one’s homeland and the changes it has undergone over time, the body as home, familial relationships and the home as a fortress and a refuge. Switzerland and Israel are such very different places – in terms of their weather, landscapes, culture, norms and traditions – and yet, there are obvious similarities in the spectrum of emotions elicited by the idea of home: Loneliness and longing, love and peacefulness, contentment and ambition.

The Swiss art fund JETZT KUNST, which coordinates open-air exhibitions, is dedicated to the promotion of culture and the exchange and presentation of artistic knowledge through exhibitions, meetups and intercultural curricula. This joint exhibition is part of the “CREATIVE EXCHANGE” initiative, which was created to foster dialogue between cultures through photography and video.



Top Photo: Elinor Volnerman

Tomer Asayag, Hilla Vonsover Garti, Ido Halevy, Oshri Hayun, Gabriel Leitner, Rivka Hillel Lavian, Elio Nudelman, Simone Spak Safran, Tally Ratzker, Lior Kish-Shaul, Nora Tarcic, Jacqueline Telem, Elinor Volnerman, Niels Ackermann, Nicolas Brodard, Désirés Good, Hans Peter Jost, Anna Gabriel Jürgens, Kostas Maros, Andri Pol, Ursula Sprecher, Martina Strul, Alfio Tommasini, Mara Troug

Ya'ara Raz Haklai and Rolf Zumstein

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